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When consumers decide to buy a given product or service, they are only doing so after they have taken their time to study various options available to them. In their product or service discover phase, the consumer is most likely to find evidence that will inform their decisions. The most important pre purchase needs the consumer is interested in addressing is whether other people have experience using a given product or service, and whether or not the discussions surrounding a given service are encouraging. In the days gone by, the consumer report magazine was the go to paper when the consumers were looking for information about companies they should trust.

Today, the consumers’ pre purchase process involves them researching about products on various online platforms before they can go to an e-commerce store. Because of the current nature of online purchases, the onus to supply the consumer with the information they need or want is on the sellers. Unfortunately, there are a number of e-commerce websites in the essay writing industry which don’t offer enough consumer information.

The Online essay writing industry

The essay writing companies that serve student consumers rarely share anything with the outside world which includes potential customers. Without a review system in place, the consumer needs to extend their pre purchase duties to ensure that they have enough information on a given company before spending money. It is worth noting that mindfuleducationinstitute.com has dedicated some resources to give students access to information they need when hiring essay writing companies.

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Why we review essay writing companies

Most of the essay writing industry works without any kind of oversight or central control. Too much freedom in the sector on the vendor side has been abused by rogue and essay scams at the detriment of the student. With a specialized essay writing service review like this, students can rest easy knowing that someone has done the hard work, research, comparisons and ratings on their behalf.

How it works

This website collects real customer feedback about essay writing companies. Once we have received the ratings and comments, our experts utilize them to come up with a list of top, reliable, reviewed essay writing services. In addition, we also ask some of the experts we know to go out and investigate what different essay writing companies offer; we compress their research in a summary. Armed with the summaries, together with the reviews, the consumer has a lot more information when buying essays than they ever do with this website.